UAS English speech

Hello everyone, introduce my self. my name wika dewani. I’m here to give a little speech about the positive impact of playing games. Before what do you know about games?
Most of the game is a game played between children, adolescents and adults.
Game is life for a gamer. Without games, a gamer feels his life is colorless.
Surely playing games has an impact, here are the positive and negative impacts of game play:

Positive impact

1. Can make decisions faster

In the game, gamers need to make quick decisions, if they can not make decisions quickly, maybe gamers may die or lose in the game. For example, if gamers play strategy games, gamers need to be able to decide quickly, between attacking and defending. If you think too long, your opponent can easily defeat him.

2. Can help reduce pain

Sometimes, when we are sick, like not feeling well, injured, and others. After we play the game, the pain is not felt or not too felt because we focus on playing games.

3. Reduce stress

When we are stressed due to many jobs or tasks. We can play games as entertainment, of course this can reduce stress. But do not forget the job yes.

4. Got a new friend

In online games such as Dota 2, Warframe, and many others gamers from different countries who play the game. Sometimes we are invited to chat, even acquainted. We can add friendship through games.

5. Make smarter English

The average gamers have better English skills than non gamers, because games generally use English. This makes gamers familiar with the English language.

Maybe that’s all I can say from my speech, less and more I apologize. Final word Wassalam


1. ​Speech is the vocalized form of communication used by humans, which is based upon the syntactic combination of items drawn from the lexicon.

2. There are 7 aspects people must deal with when preparing and delivering presentations. An effective speaker learns to deal with all 7 aspects at the same time. Failure to pay attention to all of these aspects can result in an ineffective presentation. Failure to pay attention to too many of these can result in disaster.

1. Speaker

2. Message

3. Audience

4. Channel

5. Feedback

6. Noise

7. Setting

3. Wika Dewani (H1031161034) :  The positive thing about the game

I can’t imagine life without..

I can not imagine life without music, because my life is partly channeled to music. I like music because the tone and melody are in tune and make my heart happy..

Music is a rhythm that is often combined with sound. Sound is the included part of the music. If without music there is no sound, tone, rhythm. The world will have no melody..

My Diary

Life is the key, the key to success in achieving dreams.

When people face a choice, challenge is the answer to all difficulties.
If you want to live then try, if you want to try it will live.

As well as the things you like with the ones you do not like.

It’s hard for me to accept the lessons that are in MIPA. Why? Because for me the college is not the same as at the time of school first. The level of studying in college is very difficult.
At first I felt like giving up. Can not bear with all the tasks yet again with reports and practicum journals that are overwhelming and dizzy.
Over time I realized, the other friends alone can why I can not? Then I reinforce the embroidery and will actually do its job. And I promise to please both my parents who have supported me.
And never forget, do not just live as a key. But dreams are the key part of life. Can dream to live, but do not live in dreams.


Wednesday, 10 Mei 2017.

Day where the morning of routine as usual is the lecture, where the day there is a lesson in mathematics and chemical practice. Today I did not go in because I was doing paperwork and chemistry lab work. I do not go to college because I have not finished my work. I immediately finished my assignment and in the afternoon I followed a chemistry lab. When I finished I went home and then rested.


Thursday, 11 Mei 2017.

Nothing special this day. My holiday was spent preparing for the event. I am preparing funds for sale campus because my task is to find funds for activities. My activities on this day are nothing special.


Friday, 12 Mei 2017.

The day the meeting was held, the meeting to describe what had been done for the event. My holiday is really used to Dirgahayu Himki.


Saturday, 13 Mei 2017.

The day where the organic chemistry lab is. A truly exhausting day to live. But I am very heart to live it.


Sunday, 14 Mei 2017.

Day where the seminar was held. Seminar that explains about a leader. What a good leader, how a leader works. This training is very helpful to make us as the person who can be the leader for the future.


Monday, 15 Mei 2017.

I am preparing to shop for sales the next day. I shop at indogrosir. Finished my shopping then went home.


Tuesday, 16 Mei 2017.

I sell from morning to evening, I sell in the campus area because on campus there are many new level siblings who want to enter the lecture. After selling I went home.


Wednesday, 17 Mei 2017.

The day back to chemical practice. In the morning I studied mathematics as usual and afternoon continued with chemistry lab. Finished my ptaktikum go home and take a rest.

That’s part of my routine at college.

My Future Business

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb

Hy back again to my blog the umpteenth time, this time I will write a blog about my future business.
At first glance, it comes to me what is acne? Acne is what the heck? From what does this thing appear? And why? Why did he show up? Should he come?

That’s where and finally I feel lucky to get in MIPA
Acne often appear among people. There are so many who complain of acne. I am also one of those people. Honestly, acne often comes at a time when the face is oily, especially during stress.

Seeing the condition of the community created a drug to remove acne from a wide range of products. From the usual to the super extraordinary. Unfortunately the seller takes this opportunity very much. The price of acne medicine is very expensive. From here I dreamed and wanted to open my future business
I want to make my own acne blend drug that is safe, free of chemicals and cheap and safe even at affordable prices. So that all societies can buy the results of the products I produce. And the public will be free from the name of acne.

Maybe that’s all I can say on my blog this time. Less and more I apologize. The final word Wassalamu’alaikum Wr Wb

Ask an Expert

Excuse me ma’am, my name Wika Dewani. I am of the Faculty MIPA of chemistry department. may I interviewed the mother?
-Yes, of course

who’s mother’s name?
-My name is Supiyah

What does the mother?
-I work as a teacher of the Koran

How long have you became a teacher of the Koran?
-I teach since I was young, until now

What kind of mother teaching system?
-I teach from house to house, with my schedule already set. Normally I teach from eight o’clock until five o’clock.

Do holidays mother also continued to teach as usual?
-Yes, except Sundays. Sunday is the day that we gather with family. so on Sunday I do not teach

Do the results of teaching enough income for the family’s needs?
-The result that I can have enough for the needs of families. I can help my husband provide for the family.

How much income mothers in teaching?
-My income reached a combined total of four million, due to the usual salary I get one child was about fifty thousand or a hundred thousand

whether the mother’s mother happy with the work?
-very happy, because this job is very noble. besides I am looking for my sustenance also share the knowledge I have to others. and for me it was a very noble job

Thank you for your willingness mother had agreed to be interviewed by me. If there is one word that I apologize..
Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb

A.1 robots make our live better in helping us to do a house work, robots make our live wories sometimes they are very help full but they can alse make troble because they can’t think mist like us they can make human became lazy  2. I wold like to see kind of robots which can take care of use like mother

B. Paragraph

1. Bill gates who made his carrer in personal come puters, blives that the age of, home robots has arruved

2. First, robots need a brain a computer

3. We can have robot companions and pets. When we are alderily they will remind us to take our medicine and report to emergency services if there is a problem they will protect us from dangerous people who may try to force their may intro our homes

C. 1.robots in the home

     2.robots will im prove our lives in many ways

– Robots to do in the future


-Aitline pilot, No. because for a flight by a robots inght be an error aystem they mist wait the commad the control room

– Cook, yes it will have a lote of variens and if will save our times for coiking

– Doctor, yes because robots as doctor can do more sophisticated in the exsamination to patents so the result if the exsamination will be more detailed

– police officer, yes as know a robots dind’t have heart they will up hold justice and they are firmylm change they are not easly go tired so that it can loyer to save the society

-singer, No. sings a talent if a robots can sing a song moy bethey will have same voices between each other

– store clesk, yes they will be very helpful when the store is cowed they can also work quickly

-taxi drives, now adays there is al ready a technology called smart eart where the drives is a robots from our opinion a robots as where the drives is not efficient because they can guve us the wrong way for ur destinations so we can lost

-teacher, No. robots just can give us a know ladge but they but they can not teach us like human do

Words Definitions

  • Adopt : to accept or start to use something new
  • Effort : physical or mental activity needed to achieve something
  • Aid : support, help
  • Force : physical, especially violent, strength or power
  • Career : the job or series of jobs that you do during your working life, especially if you continue to get better jobs and earn more money
  • Oppose : to disagree with something or someone
  • Code : language, a system of words, letters or signs which is used to represent a message in secret form
  • Potential : someone’s or something’s ability to develop, achieve or succeed
  • Doubt : uncertain, not sure
  • Serve : to work for


Adverb of MANNER  (To Answer question HOW)

Example :

Slowly, carefully, fast, well, beautifully, quickly, etc

Adverb of PLACE (to answer the question WHERE)

Example :

Here, there, in Pontianak, on Jalan Ahmad Yani, at UPT Bahasa Untan, at your house, etc

Adverb to Time (to answer the question WHEN)

Example :

Today, tomorrow, yesterday, on Monday, in 1997, on July, at 7.30, etc

Adverb of FREQUENCY (to answer the question HOW OFTEN)

Example :

Always, something, never, once, twice, etc